Am 23.12.2011 20:07, schrieb Morfsta:
  Please install the latest updates with:
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

  There was an error in the vdr-plugin dynamite's Makefile.

Hi there,

Thanks for your help, but the rotor / rotorng plugins still don't work
after the update.

Any other ideas?

 I don't see a dynamite related problem after a quick look over the source of 
the plugins in the yaVDR PPA.
 The vdr-patch adds a new method to cDevice and dynamite is aware of it.

Please take a look at 'nm -D /usr/lib/vdr/plugins/libvdr-dynamite.so.1.7.21' if there's a symbol cDynamicDevice::SendDiseqcCmd.

If you'r familiar with build debs you can try to rebuild vdr with some logmessages in the SendDiseqcCmd methods of dvbdevice.c to see if there are really sent. I have only DVB-C and can't really test it.

 Some words to dynamite, a core functionallity of yaVDR:
It creates devices "between" vdr and the "real" devices like a proxy passing all virtual methods to its subdevice. This makes it possible to start vdr with a lot of dummy devices (not to mix with the plugin) and attach the dvbdevices when they are created, e.g. if they get plugged in via USB. Also dynamite is able to set unused devices to an idle state, which means that it closes all its filehandles including the frontend. Please look in /etc/vdr/plugins/plugin.dynamite.conf if an idle-timeout is specified.

dynamite is running in the yavdr team for months and hasn't shown many problems. But I don't think that anyone of us has tested it with rotor(ng).

 And take a look at the dynamite repository. There are patches for other 
plugins which need to be patched.

 I hope we can get rotor back to work again!

If you have dvb hardware, which initialises fast on boot (like PCI/PCIe devices) you can try to disable dynamite in the /etc/vdr/plugins/order.conf, just insert a minus before it. But be aware to insert a * if you want to use it again, since this is needed to asure that dynamite is the last plugin that gets loaded.


Kind Regards,


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