On 2012-01-15 13:01, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

> VDR reads the channels.conf file and doesn't store any information about
> "comments". It only stores the channel data.
> When it writes the file, it writes only the channel data, and
> at that point any comments in the original file would be lost.

Even though they'd get lost when VDR writes it, allowing comments there
would be an improvement so distros (and VDR itself) could ship the file
with some comments in it that instruct users what they need to do before
things will work, or what the file is for, or...  Same thing applies to
remote.conf, setup.conf, and timers.conf.

If the "AllowComments" parameter exists just for the purpose of
disallowing comments in files where VDR doesn't preserve them, I suggest
removing that restriction altogether and allowing comments everywhere.
Allowing comments and preserving them are two different things.  For
files where VDR doesn't preserve them it could note that on the first
line of such files, for example like:

# Warning: VDR will overwrite this file without preserving comments.

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