On 2012-01-15 16:45, Udo Richter wrote:

> I've been living with VDR's auto channel update quite well, back since
> VDR 1.3.x eliminated the need of the AutoPID patch.
> The only thing I need an external tool for is to clean up all the dead
> channels from time to time. I never understood why people need external
> scan tools anyway, at least on an average system.

Does this mean that if one now starts up a new VDR installation from
scratch without any channels.conf whatsoever, VDR will find some
channels to show on its own?  How long does it take for it to find some
channels, and how does that look like from the user POV?  (I suppose I
could just try it out myself, but I'm too lazy to do that ATM.)

When I started using VDR sometime in the 1.3.x series, I don't think
that happened automatically at all, I had to use dvb-apps' scan to
generate a channels.conf.  This is on DVB-C, and I don't think I've ever
used an AutoPID patch.

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