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Klaus Schmidinger <klaus.schmidin...@tvdr.de> wrote:

> On 16.01.2012 01:45, Tony Houghton wrote:
> >
> > VDR can already do that. Before each numbered group add a line ":@1
> > ", ":@10 ", ":@20 " etc. Exclude the quotes, but ISTR there was some
> > problem if I didn't include a trailing space.
> There's no, need for a trailing space.

I know it isn't necessary, and I can't remember exactly why I use them,
but one of the existing programs (either VDR itself, or scan) used to
append spaces. Making my own tool do the same made it easier to detect
whether the file needed updating or something.

> >  I use this to make my
> > channels numbered the same way as Freeview and Freesat, so I'd
> > prefer it if channels lines had an LCN field instead of putting the
> > numbers on separate lines.
> An LCN field would only make sense if you have only channels from a
> single broadcaster in your channels.conf. As soon as there are
> several broadcasters, the numbers would most likely not be unique any
> more, and therefore useless.

Yes, you would need an additional field for the broadcaster or bouquet
or something and provide a way for the user to select which set of
channels they're viewing. Probably not easy or very practical to add to
VDR at this point. Fortunately there are few clashes between Freeview
and Freesat, and all I have to do is renumber a few radio channels which
I virtually never use.

> > I think you can also use a : followed by a string without @ to add
> > comments, which are shown in the EPG.
> These are "channel group separators", which you can easily navigate
> through with the Left and Right keys in live mode. The texts are
> *not* "shown in the EPG", though.

I shouldn't have called it "EPG". I really meant the channel list view.
I'm sure when I used these group labels they were shown in VDR's OSD.

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