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Lars Hanisch<>  writes:

Am 07.03.2012 21:43, schrieb Udo Richter:
Am 07.03.2012 21:19, schrieb Richard Scobie:
I have found that adding a "sleep 5" to my startup script, between
loading the drivers and starting vdr, has caused it to successfully
survive five reboots.

I'm doing an udevadm settle --timeout=30 after load/unload, haven't had
any issues with that. Before I had that solution, I was polling for all
devices to appear under /dev/dvb, before starting VDR.

  "udevadm settle" is a nice replacement for a sleep, something learned today, 
thanks. :-)

<Advertisement>  ;-)
  This is where the dynamite-plugin comes in (needs a patch for the
vdr). It creates device-proxies so vdr can start without the actual
devices. dynamite listens on udev and attachs the devices as they got
  This scenario was one of the reasons to develop that plugin...

I use it because it adds ways to detach cards from vdr, reload drivers
and use them again without stopping vdr.

Thanks again for this wonderful plugin !

btw, i haven't tested, does vdr-1.7.24-dynamite-subdevice.patch apply
on 1.7.26+(patches from the ml)

 Haven't tested that yet, I'm still working on 1.7.25. And I think there will 
be soon a 1.7.26...


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