Quick data points with Finnish YLE DVB subtitles, using a dxr3:

1.7.22: everything works
(never tried versions between here, because I was stuck with a 2.6 kernel
back then)
1.7.25: subtitles are almost black and thus illegible
1.7.26: same thing
1.7.27: colours OK, but during live programming, maybe one of every 20
subtitles shows at all, and are about half the correct size. Same thing
when viewing recordings made with this version - when I replay old
recordings, all subtitles seem to get displayed.

vdr-dxr3-plugin version 0.2.13 from here:

em8300 drivers from here (cloned on March 17th, I think):
hg clone http://dxr3.hg.sourceforge.net:8000/hgroot/dxr3/em8300 dxr3

System Ubuntu Oneiric, kernel 3.0.0-17 from Ubuntu sources (but
recompiled by myself, because those nice folks at Ubuntu had to turn
OSS support off in the kernel, preventing the em8300 drivers from


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