28.3.2012 22:34, Pasi Kärkkäinen kirjoitti:
The default audio mode of the em8300 device support utilities and kernel 
modules (em8300 and kmod-em8300-* packages) has changed from OSS to ALSA to 
follow upstream

I googled your quote. Apparently it is from some Fedora release note
from 2007 and I don't think it will help me a bit with an Ubuntu
kernel from 2012, as the driver project has been forked, patched
and merged a number of times after that.

I'll gladly receive a current, relevant reference that will tell
me how to use the em8300 drivers on current Ubuntu without
recompiling the kernel. It takes 18(!) hours of CPU time on my
VDR box.

Also, can we try and discuss the subtitling problem as well?


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