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> Hello
> I use Debian for years and to keep it clean I'm trying to use all software
> from packages. It generally works, hovewer I have problem with VDR, XBMC and
> drivers.
> Usually to have the newest driver I need to use some unstable version of VDR
> with the newest possible kernel.
> VDR in Debian is an option, hovewer it's usually behind the newest VDR, and
> number of plugins in repository is low.
> This lead to alternative repositories. I know two valuable: e-tobi and
> yavdr. I was using e-tobi but it lately isn't updated to the newest VDR.
> Yavdr is built on top of Ubuntu, and while it generally works on Debian,
> it's not recommended (some things doesn't work).
> So there is an option to build packages myself - really no option, because I
> have to make package manually for every plugin and for every new version of
> VDR.
> Any idea?

Why don't you just write a script that automates it all for you. If it
encounters an error along the way, just abort and report the error to
the user. Building VDR and plugins from source is very easy assuming
you don't bother with tons of patches (which can break things

It's also very easy to add in support for updating the kernel,
media_build drivers, nvidia drivers, etc.. This is exactly what I did
and I almost never have to actually do anything by hand anymore --
just select what I want from my menu and it magically happens. ;)

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