On 05/08/2012 07:30 PM, Marx wrote:
VDR isn't as popular here in Poland as in Germany, so I doubt anyone in
Cyfra+ know what VDR is.
Anyway I've tried ISO-8859-9 in epgfixer, but nothing has changed.
Next is ISO-8859-2 but I'm afraid that I'm configuring something bad
because I see no changes in EPG whatever I put in

I don't know why you don't see any changes in EPG data if you change the config since I do, although not the correct characters. I just noticed that due to internal conversion from assumed ISO6937 to whatever your VDR is using causes problem, but these can be circumvented by first reverting VDR's conversion i.e back to ISO6937 and then from for example ISO-8859-9 to VDR's charset. Unfortunately this is not yet possible in the plugin but I have already made the necessary code to fix the problem.

I will try to release a new version hopefully tomorrow. I have also found several other bugs which I will fix before a new release. I have also some new features that I try to include.


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