You can get a sony playtv, they are dual tuner and it's mostly plug
and play, except for intermittent noise from time to time (suspecting
retuning second tuner for eit scanning causing noise on first tuner).

On 21 May 2012 07:48, Marx <> wrote:
> Hello
> I use VDR a few years, but lately I changed my system into ITX (AMD Brazos)
> and so changed PCI DVB-S2 card into USB. Additionaly I has bought DVB-T
> tuner.
> While buying hardware I was sure I buy hardware which is supported
> in-kernel, so no need to hunt for driver.
> Unfortunatelly every from three card I have doesn't work properly.
> The first: Terratec Cinergy S2 USB HD.
> Kernel has drivers, but only for the first revision. Second revision which I
> have need a patch. Patch is even on linux-media
> , but isn't finished so no hope to
> have it in kernel soon.
> Anyway I have applied it's modified version from
> to kernel 3.2 and
> it's almost work. Almost, because sometimes recording becames unplayable.
> Recording recors eveything, but I can play only some part of file from
> beginning. The rest is unplayable.
> Looking for something widely used I choosed Pinnacle PCTV SAT HDTV 452E PRO
> USB. Problems with it i've described in thread: "[PATCH, RFC] STB0899 signal
> strength (pctv452e, others too?)"
> The last miss was buying USB DVB-T stick based on Af9015. Generally it
> works, but only a few minutes. I suspect it overheats...
> So I ask: if somebody has one of cards above working, please give me a note
> with which kernel and with which driver it does work.
> Also I wold welcome advice, which from those rather cheap USB cards works
> without any problems on stock linux kernel.
> Marx
> Ps. Now I'm so desperated that I've installed 2.6 kernel and I will try
> Liplianin driver with it. Hovewer having 2.6 and 3.2 kernels installed
> together I don't know how to tell dkms to build only for 2.6 (in 3.x
> Liplianin kernel will not compile)
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