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Some time ago, I started a discussion in german on the VDR forum about
making the VDR more friendly for users that are simultaneously using
different sources to receive channels:

I am going to explain the problem, when receiving channels from two
different sources by using the second german public channel named ZDF:

Suppose a user is receiving the channel ZDF by dvb-s and dvb-t. For the
VDR, these are two different channels, and it probably is not a bad
thing that the VDR differentiates between them because these channels
might be of different quality (different data rates, etc.). However, as
both sources name these channels often the same way, it is not easily
possible to differentiate between the two channels in the VDR OSD,
which is particularly annoying for the timers, one of the main VDR

Currently, I work around this problem, by setting the VDR to not update
channelnames and manually adding a suffix to the channelnames in the
channels.conf. So, to use the example above and differentiate between
the two channels, they could be renamed to ZDF-s and ZDF-t (or ZDF.s
and ZDF.t, or...). In practice, I only only rename the channelnames of
the source with the smallest number of channels; I know that the
channelnames without suffix are those from the other source.

@ Klaus

Do you think that you could add an additional option to one of your
next VDR releases, like "Add suffix about source to channelnames"; I
could imagine such an option next to the "Update channels" option in
the DVB section of the Setup in the OSD of the VDR.

Since the information is already in the channels.conf for every
channel, I assume, that it will not require huge changes to the VDR
code to use channelnames-source (or something similar) instead of only
the channelname in the channelname field of the channels.conf, when the
corresponding option is active.

I'd rather have the channels.conf entries keep the names that are broadcast
in the SI data. I wouldn't want to add a "source" suffix there.

However, I could imagine adding a function like

  cString cChannel::NameWithSource(void)

which would return things like


or, shorter,

  ZDF (T)
  ZDF (S)

and using that function instead of the Name() function at the
appropriate places.

In case, I am missing something, I would also like to ask everybody
reading this to let us know, if for any reason, the idea about
replacing the channelnames with channelname-source cannot work.

Well, it could work all right. But as I said, I'd like to keep that
raw data in the channels.conf entries.


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