On 17.06.2012 00:13, Marx wrote:
I use VDR mainly via www frontends, but I agree that there is need to tell VDR 
what to do with channels from different tuners. For example detection of 
recordings collision doesn't take into account that channels are from two 
different sources (two different tuners). It also doesn't understand that
it's possible to record simultanoesly from the same transponder. Vdr itself 
allow for all of it, but module which analyse collisions should be much more 
flexible. We also sometimes have the same channels in SD and HD which has 
different name but they differ only in quality.
I can imagine that it should be easily possible to teach colision detection 
module that some devices can record at once, also that it's possible to record 
multiple streams form the same transponder.
But it would be also great if we could virtually join some channels and tell 
recording module that they are the same channel, so they for example share EPG 
(it's possible now via plugins, I know). It should be possible to tell which 
one should be picked at first if we record from such virtual
channel. Collision module should advice for example "record from SD version of channel because 
it's on the same transponder that second recording we have planned" or "move this 
recording from DVB-S card to DVB-T card because DVB-S card records at the same time from another 
I can give example: polish channel TVP 1 is available from Hotbird as (1) SD 
version, (2) HD version. It's also available in DVB-T as (3) SD version and (4) 
HD version. I have this channel also available in (5) old good analogue 
version. It's probably also available from Astra, and from local
provider of DVB-C.

The core VDR doesn't have these features, yet, but I'm planning on looking
into these after version 2.0.


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