Hi All,

I now have a standard PC running arch linux and VDR. This works ok, but it
uses between 80-150W of power. Much heat and noise, and cost :-). Therefore
I was looking for a more power-eficient system.

Is it possible to run archlinux and vdr on a system like this?
Mele A1000:

I'm wondering if the following works:
-HD playback using close source mali driver
-Driver for dib07000 based USB DVB receivers
-ACPI wake-up and shutdown (does the RTC code work?)
-Does VDR and the following plugins compile and run?
vdr-addon-acpiwakeup 0.0.10-1
vdr-plugin-epgsearch-git 20120311-1
vdr-plugin-live-git 0.2.0.git-16
vdr-plugin-sc-hg 574-3
vdr-plugin-xineliboutput-git 20120911-1

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