You probably should ask this also in the linux-sunxi mailling list. While I cannot answer all questions for you, I can tell you that video decoding could be problematic for now. The A10 has a proprietary video decoder for HD stuff. There is support for XBMC from empat0 and someone is working on vlc +libcedarx support, but that's it. VDR can use xine amongst other softpipes and that is not supported yet to my knowledge. VDR backend with XBMC frontend however could work. Your DVB device has kernel support and should be compilable.

On 03-12-12 10:10, wrote:
Hi All,

I now have a standard PC running arch linux and VDR. This works ok, but it
uses between 80-150W of power. Much heat and noise, and cost :-). Therefore
I was looking for a more power-eficient system.

Is it possible to run archlinux and vdr on a system like this?
Mele A1000:

I'm wondering if the following works:
-HD playback using close source mali driver
-Driver for dib07000 based USB DVB receivers
-ACPI wake-up and shutdown (does the RTC code work?)
-Does VDR and the following plugins compile and run?
vdr-addon-acpiwakeup 0.0.10-1
vdr-plugin-epgsearch-git 20120311-1
vdr-plugin-live-git 0.2.0.git-16
vdr-plugin-sc-hg 574-3
vdr-plugin-xineliboutput-git 20120911-1

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