> As good as vdrportal is as a VDR resource, the language barrier _is_ a
problem for english speakers.

Same with this mailing list for german speakers ... and now?

> or feeling like a welcome visitor/member

A little tale, if I'm in the US, I have to speak english all time. If my US
friends do visit me or colleagues are staying in Germany, I also have to
speak english all the time. They don't even try to speak my/our language
while staying in Germany. And hey, don't think they ever welcomed me in
german language ... ^^

This is just a chicken-and-egg problem, you all don't try to use it, so no
information is collected or any kind of community will be set up. There is
an rarly used international part, but if somebody does ask in english,
she/he gets an answer in english, wherever postet. Time and patience could
solve a lot, even losing shyness of nativ german speakers to answer in
english, but this up to you all ...

Unfortunately the search function of vdr-portal sucks IMHO, so in all
languages, better use google w/ "site:vdr-portal.de what-you-search-for".

Kind regards

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