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>> As good as vdrportal is as a VDR resource, the language barrier _is_ a
> problem for english speakers.
> Same with this mailing list for german speakers ... and now?

I don't recall any german speakers ever expressing a problem that this
mailing list is primarily english. Regardless of whether germans have
a problem with this mailing list or not, I think it's certainly
appropriate that it is primarily english for the simple fact english
is a common language spoken by many non-english native speakers. There
are many users and devs here from many different countries and
thankfully they have english as a common means to communicate. My
understanding is that english is taught as a multi-year requirement in
many foreign countries. There are school districts here that require 2
years of foreign language, while most it's optional. Of the people who
take foreign language, spanish is easily the first choice considering
we have such a large hispanic population. Behind that is probably
french, then japanese. German isn't very popular here I assume because
we don't have many large german communities.

>> or feeling like a welcome visitor/member
> A little tale, if I'm in the US, I have to speak english all time. If my US
> friends do visit me or colleagues are staying in Germany, I also have to
> speak english all the time. They don't even try to speak my/our language
> while staying in Germany. And hey, don't think they ever welcomed me in
> german language ... ^^

Personally I don't think it's much to ask to learn to greet a foreign
friend in their native language but I guess your friends disagree.

> This is just a chicken-and-egg problem, you all don't try to use it, so no
> information is collected or any kind of community will be set up. There is
> an rarly used international part, but if somebody does ask in english,
> she/he gets an answer in english, wherever postet. Time and patience could
> solve a lot, even losing shyness of nativ german speakers to answer in
> english, but this up to you all ...

I hope you don't misunderstand, I wasn't complaining that vdrportal
isn't english-friendly. I was simply giving a few quick reasons why it
_appears_ to be unfriendly for english speakers and why (we) don't use
the site. It's the same reason why english speakers don't use the
russian vdr forums, the french forums, the spanish forums, etc.
Unfortunately vdrportal will never be a good home for english users in
the same way those russian, french, spanish, etc. forums won't either.
Look at how many of the actual english posts don't even have replies,
or what little replies there are that don't actually help. It
shouldn't be a wonder why you see tumbleweeds in the `international`
section of vdrportal. That being said, (we) still manage to get VDR
running thanks to the english-friendly forums that exist.

> Unfortunately the search function of vdr-portal sucks IMHO, so in all
> languages, better use google w/ "site:vdr-portal.de what-you-search-for".

If you speak german, I agree. If you speak english then this mailing
list or one of the english forums are probably a better choice.

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