Hi All,

Sometimes I watch a TV show halfway. Then I let VDR shutdown my PC. Then
I would like to watch the rest of the show. Then I have to go to the list
of TV shows, and find the correct one again.

In my opinion it would be easyer for me if the half-watched shows are placed
at the top of the list with TV shows. Does such an option exist? How should
recordings in a sub-folder be handled? Should those be moved to the top of
the list, or copied, or a shortcut be made? I would like to see a shortcut.

I would also like to see that VDR remembers the current position in the list
of recordings. This is already the case during a vdr-sxfe session, but not
when vdr has been restarted. After a restart, VDR goes to the top of the

Or I should not have so many recordings :-)

Best regards,


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