After reading all response, there is still an open question : why vdr do not 
simply store inside setup.conf the latest path of played recording ? 
As long it keep it in memory (press play resume the replay of records) ...

You will say : what about removed records outside vdr program ? it allready 
does by not playing them even if on the list , in my system, I read from a vdr 
client under smb vdr tree of a server and remove records from client, vdr 
server list is not allways up to date (a touch .update fix that)

It should be nice to have this feature in the system like the xineliboutput 
player plugin do 

Thanks and have a nice evening

Le dimanche 06 janvier 2013 11:31:54, cedric.dew...@telfort.nl a écrit :
> Hi All,
> Sometimes I watch a TV show halfway. Then I let VDR shutdown my PC. Then
> I would like to watch the rest of the show. Then I have to go to the list
> of TV shows, and find the correct one again.
> In my opinion it would be easyer for me if the half-watched shows are
> placed at the top of the list with TV shows. Does such an option exist?
> How should recordings in a sub-folder be handled? Should those be moved to
> the top of the list, or copied, or a shortcut be made? I would like to see
> a shortcut.
> I would also like to see that VDR remembers the current position in the
> list of recordings. This is already the case during a vdr-sxfe session,
> but not when vdr has been restarted. After a restart, VDR goes to the top
> of the list.
> Or I should not have so many recordings :-)
> Best regards,
> Cedric
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