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> Hi
> After reading all response, there is still an open question : why vdr do not
> simply store inside setup.conf the latest path of played recording ?
> As long it keep it in memory (press play resume the replay of records) ...
> You will say : what about removed records outside vdr program ? it allready
> does by not playing them even if on the list , in my system, I read from a vdr
> client under smb vdr tree of a server and remove records from client, vdr
> server list is not allways up to date (a touch .update fix that)
> It should be nice to have this feature in the system like the xineliboutput
> player plugin do

What about when a guy watches his recording but can't finish so he
stops it and will return later. Before he can return, his wife comes
and watches her recording. The last recording will now be the one the
wife watched and not the guy. Many VDR systems are used by multiple
people, not just one person only. I think 3 "viewed" flags are fine to
keep track of unviewed/partial viewed/complete viewed.

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