2013/1/22 Klaus Schmidinger <klaus.schmidin...@tvdr.de>

> On 20.01.2013 20:24, Andreas Brachold wrote:
>> I think into vdr.pc is parameter includedir= missed, if $(INCDIR) not a
>> standard directory.
> If you have an installed version of VDR on your system (i.e. there is
> a vdr.pc file in /usr/share/pkgconfig) and you 'make' a plugin from
> within the plugin's source directory, the information stored in that
> vdr.pc file will be used.
I think what Andreas means ist, that the INCDIR of the *installed* VDR
headers is currently not included in the CXXFLAGS in vdr.pc. This causes
plugins to not compile for themselves even if VDR has installed (using make
install) before.

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