On Sun, Mar 10 2013, fnu wrote:

> Since this is important for you personaly, you want to change VDR for all
> users, are you serious?

Yes, where is the problem?

> But to change it in a global way like this is IMHO not a way to go.

Did you understand my suggestion? Here again: not writable: warning, not
readable: exit. Is that a problem for real-life systems?

> The correct solution would be that any user needing it, must decide
> and configure something. So, a kind of a switch like an OSD option or
> even a better way, VDR does check existence of a file in this video
> directory, e.g. ".vdrro", something similar to ".nodelete" ...

Of course: why use the simple way, when there is a complex one... ;)


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