On 10.03.2013 20:40, Peter Münster wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 10 2013, fnu wrote:
> > But to change it in a global way like this is IMHO not a way to go.
> Did you understand my suggestion? Here again: not writable: warning, not
> readable: exit. Is that a problem for real-life systems?

For most people read-only is a plain error?

Read-only CAN for e.g. happen after an error when the filesystem is 
mounted with "error=read-only" (ignoring the runtime-case, when VDR is 
already running when that happens).

And you may not see a warning and only notice that something went wrong 
after you lost a recording that didn't happen.
A not starting VDR is a little more noticable than an apparrently 
working one that just can't record anything.

So if VDR suddenly changes behaviour i can gurantee you that at least 1 
person will be bitten by it.

As you said you are a single person, would you think it is fair to the 
person that will losse a recording to have lost it because you wanted a 
change in behaviour that was only for yourself with no apparent gain for 



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