Hi Louis,

I start xineliboutput with the following line

xineliboutput --local=none --remote=37890 --primary --fullscreen

I tried to add --hud but it did not work. To had to remove first --fullscreen because vdr did not start, but to the end i had the same problem: no osd :-(

I tried to install softhddevice, but i could not get it to compile due to missing libraries etc. If you know which packages is needed in Ubuntu, then it would be great to get help with this :-)



On 21.03.2013 12:33 , Stefan Braun wrote:

Hi Rene,

how do you start the xineliboutput plugin? To get a true color osd,
you have to start it with --hud. I think this is your problem...

If this is not working, you could also try to use softhddevice as
output plugin. softhddevice supports true color anyway, so you could
see if you have another issue maybe...

Cheers Louis

PS: sorry for the html mail, damn new gmx webinterface :-)

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