On 22.03.2013 1:12 , René wrote:
Hi Louis,

I start xineliboutput with the following line

xineliboutput --local=none --remote=37890 --primary --fullscreen

I tried to add --hud but it did not work. To had to remove first
--fullscreen because vdr did not start, but to the end i had the same
problem: no osd :-(

I tried to install softhddevice, but i could not get it to compile due
to missing libraries etc. If you know which packages is needed in
Ubuntu, then it would be great to get help with this :-)

Hi Louis,

Now i got all compoled. I recompiled everything (vdr etc) and i managed (i think) to get all libraries installed too.

I can now change to the theme, but i don't get the video resized even if that setting is set..

Any idea what i might have missed?


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