> The other reason for me to use the patch is for Freeview
> HD's EIT. The
> encoding is exactly the same as Freesat's but I think the
> difference is
> that it still uses standard PIDs instead of non-standard
> ones. So EEPG
> would have to detect the encoding by using the flag bytes at
> the start
> of the string instead of by the PID they're from.

I would like to second what Tony states here. When I used the EEPG plugin 
(quite a long time ago), it failed to decode Freeview HD EPG because it did not 
support the encoded EPG delivered on the standard PID. So this is why I use the 
patch instead of the EEPG plugin.

I spent some time trying to figure out how to modify the plugin to suit my 
needs but it was beyond my understanding and I gave up.

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