Am 27.04.2013 10:50, schrieb Brian-Imap:
> Hi,
> on some channels I get Video Data Stream Broken messages, not sure quite
> what triggers them yet.

VDSB is triggered if a recording doesn't receive any video data within
30 seconds. Usually this is because either the channel doesn't exist /
doesn't broadcast, or because the DVB hardware failed and stopped
working. If you disable emergency exit, VDR will likely continue to see
no data, so forget about that recording.

> I know I could extend the VDR start script to unload/load the DVB
> drivers after a VDR exit too.

This is the only thing that might cure a VDSB, and the only reason to do
an emergency exit at all. Its quite unlikely that restarting VDR without
reloading drivers will make any difference. (though not impossible, I've
seen strange crosstalk effects in the past, and VDR doing something
completely different after restart sometimes helped.)



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