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Am 28.04.2013 16:52, schrieb Brian-Imap:
So you assume it was falsely triggering a VDSB thinking 30 secs had
passed when in fact the clock probably was adjusted instead?
Its the only false alarm I know of, and would be an explanation why this
happens on the start of a recording. Tuning to the channel for recording
may activate the clock sync for that transponder, and cause a time jump
once. All other explanations involve crappy driver/hardware or bad

There should be a log message indicating the clock sync.



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well I did have a problem in my rsyslog conf meaning I did sometimes send a VDSB email when it should have been something else.
That is OK now. What I am seeing is the following:

May 11 23:39:24 localhost vdr: [4863] frontend 1/0 timed out while tuning to channel 7, tp 210906

Where the channel and transponder are random.
I have three cards in my system, one is a Cine 2 that appears to provide frontends 0/0 and 2/0, FE 1/0 is my FF card. I picked out various tuning messages and used FEMON to check that each of the channels that had a problem could be tuned on each device, and that gave me no problems.

I wonder if its just a transient thing?

I have the clock stuff setup as suggested and dont see any clock sync messages, it is just set up to use ZDF now.

I guess I'll go back to an activated emergancy exit now to get the DVB module load/unload back.

Cheers Brian

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