Thank you very much, Firmware fb2624 solved the problem.


Am 28.08.2013 23:16, schrieb Oliver Endriss:
Stefan Schallenberg <> wrote:
Am 27.08.2013 22:05, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
On 27.08.2013 20:47, Stefan Schallenberg wrote:
Hi all,

Thanks for your ideas.

I am using an old (SD but not HD) FF PCI card and non-HD recordings.
So neither of the situations you described applies as far as I
Are you sure you are using the latest driver and firmware for that card?
Old versions might not return the actual STC value.
Hi Klaus,

I am using OpenSUSE 12.3 with standard kernel 3.7.10. - do you think I
need to switch to Liplianin or other driver packages forcing me to
recompile parts of the kernel?

On the same system VDR 1.6 did not show the problem, does VDR 2.x handle
DVB device (dvbsddevice plugin) different than 1.6?

| 2009-04-12: Version 1.7.5
| ...
|  + cDevice::GetSTC() is now required to deliver the STC even in trick modes.
|    It is sufficient if it returns the PTS of the most recently presented
|    audio/video frame.
|  + The full-featured DVB cards need an improved firmware in order to return
|    proper STC values in trick modes.
| ...

You can download an updated firmware from


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