ok, this could be a solution, i'd rather like to use the VDR internal parts 
but an external script that logs user activity and sends a command to VDR 
would be possible.

So when there are active recordings or the next recording would be due in 5 
minutes the VDR would NOT switch off?  Even if it gets the "hitk power"?

Best regards

Am Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013, 11:12:19 schrieb Peer Oliver Schmidt:
> Am 13.10.2013 17:20, schrieb Torsten Mohr:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > i have installed an /etc/vdr/shutdown.sh which will NOT shutdown as long
> > as
> > somebody is still logged in.
> > 
> > So i know pretty sure that VDR is NOT going to shutdown.
> > 
> > The message shown "VDR wird in 3:00 Minuten ausschalten" does not make
> > sense on my system.
> Why don't you set the timer to 0, to disable internal VDR shutdown, and
> instead send a svdrpsend hitk power when everybody is logged out?

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