Am 17.10.2013 19:09, schrieb Torsten Mohr:
> If nothing happens and nobody is logged in i shut down the VDR after 30 
> minutes.  So a value of 180 would prevent a shutdown after 30 minutes of 
> inactivity?

Yes and no.

It depends on whether VDR thinks there's someone watching, in that case
VDR shuts down after 3 hours, or not, causing VDR to shut down after 6
Three ways(*) lead to VDR believing that no one is watching: First, not
hitting a key for 3 hours, second, hitting the power key while recording
or other internal things that don't allow for instant shutdown, or
third, starting VDR close to a scheduled timer event.
As long as VDR thinks no one is watching, and nothing important is
scheduled soon, VDR tries to shut down every 6 minutes.

(*) Actually, there's a fourth, hackish way: Write the current epoch
time into setup.conf as NextWakeupTime, before VDR starts. Just in case
you do know that VDR was started somehow automatically.



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