On 09.11.2013 00:57, Marko Mäkelä wrote:
If I set the OSD size to 100% height, then VDR will never clear the very bottom 
lines at the screen. If I set it to 99% height, everything will be erased 
properly when I leave the main menu, or the program info at the bottom of the 
screen is cleared. If I set it to 99% height and 1% vertical offset,
the garbage will appear again. My current understanding is that it is VDR 2.0.4 
that fails to post a proper draw request to clear the bottom of the screen.

I just tried this on my VDR with a TT S2-6400 and there was no such problem.
I assume that this is related to the softdevice OSD implementation and not
the core VDR.


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