> If I officially use them for a function that is (IMHO, agreed)
unnecessary, then they would be wasted for future use for functions that
might be more important ;-).

Well these keys are unused for 14  years now and yes, they could be saved
for any usage another 14 years, ..., doing nothing ... ^^

I agree with all supporters, I like that function, and them on discrete
keys. I would also not have problems to patch it further. But it's also ok
to use other discrete keys, e.g. the proposed usage of right/left in replay
mode, just to find a global agreement for core VDR.

Maybe there's a way to make it definable for the rare cases an user doesn't
have a remote with discrete fastfwd/fastrwd keys ...

In the many years of using VDR I rarly used fastfwd/fastrew, since jumping a
few seconds is much more comfortable and therfore important to me.

Kind regards

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