On Mon, 07 Apr 2014 12:20:37 +0200
Klaus Schmidinger <klaus.schmidin...@tvdr.de> wrote:

> Well, that's something we can talk about. You could make it so that during
> replay the Left and Right keys perform 5s skips, and the FastForward/-Rewind
> keys (if present on the user's remote control) still retain their normal
> function.

That sounds like a good idea. We should also discuss making it
assymetric ie right could skip forwards 10 seconds and left could go
back 5s. That way you can skip through the adverts in fewer steps until
you see you've overrun, then do a half skip backwards to get close to
the right place. Totem has assymetric skipping, although I think it's
something like 60s and 15s-20s. Anyway, I find that useful.

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