On Sun, Apr 06 2014, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

> First and foremost I don't think that we need extra keys for jumping such
> short distances as 5 or 10 seconds. Just use "fast forward" or "fast rewind"
> for that.

Have you tried 5s steps? I really prefer 5s steps over fast
forward/rewind. With mplayer-plugin I have 6 buttons for 5s steps, 1min
steps and 10min steps, and IMO you skip faster to the right place, than
with fast forward/rewind. Perhaps it's just me...

> What I would be willing to accept is a patch that makes the skip delta of
> the yellow and green keys (currently a fixed +/-60s) configurable.

Yes, that's fine. But what's the problem with a second skip-value for
buttons 1 and 3?

> I might even go as far as making the yellow and green keys skip only a
> small distance when pressed and released, and skipping a longer
> distance when held pressed (repeat mode). It could even be made so
> that the distance increases over time, so the longer you hold the key
> pressed, the farther it skips.

For adjusting a clock, it's perhaps ok, but IMO for audio/video it's
not the best ergonomics.

> All in all, skipping is done with the yellow and green keys, there will be no
> additional keys for "shirt skips", because FFWD/FREW can easily be used for 
> that.
> Let's keep it simple!  ;-)

I agree to keep it simple. But would you approve a patch, that adds
just one further key pair (1 + 3) for a second skip value?
The patch would be really simpler and the user experience would be

Or a Boolean configuration option for making 5s-skips instead of fast


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