Hi all,

I'm thinking about getting a payTV subscription using DVB-C and my provider uses Conax Cas7 CAM with paired cards, so using the official CAM in a CI slot is the only option. I never used CAMs, so I have few (maybe stupid) questions, but I didn't find an answer on the web.

Are CI somehow paired with a specific card or tuner? Let's say I have DVB-S with CI (Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-CI PCI) and DVB-C card without CI (TerraTec Cinergy T PCIe dual). Would it work so that the encrypted stream from DVB-C is decrypted by Conax CAM in CI that is attached to DVB-S card?

How many channels can be typically decrypted at the same time? Is it limited by the maximum number of pids or by the bandwidth that the CAM is able to decrypt?

My goal is to be able to watch one channel and record at least other 2 channels. So I'd like to buy TBS6680 dual tuner with dual CI (but I would use just one CAM and the second CI slot would stay unused). I would use this card together with the TerraTec Cinergy T. So there would be 3 DVB-C tuners and one CAM. Would this combination work as I wish?


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