I have two usb cards, one with ci. I have a cam that can decrypt multiple 
streams, but if I am recording a encrypted channel and I tune to another 
encrypted channel, I get channel not available. It is possible to tune two 
encrypted channels with that setup?

Jose Alberto

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On 05/07/2014 01:37 PM, Michal Novotny wrote:
> Are CI somehow paired with a specific card or tuner? Let's say I have 
> DVB-S with CI (Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-CI PCI) and DVB-C card without CI 
> (TerraTec Cinergy T PCIe dual). Would it work so that the encrypted 
> stream from DVB-C is decrypted by Conax CAM in CI that is attached to 
> DVB-S card?

Pairing is between the CAM and the smartcard, it's not paired to the 
tuner or TV so you can place your CAM to any device and it still 
decrypts. I've never tried to use DVB-S card for decrypting DVB-C stream 
but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

> How many channels can be typically decrypted at the same time? Is it 
> limited by the maximum number of pids or by the bandwidth that the CAM 
> is able to decrypt?

VDR asks from the CAM how many streams it can decrypt so it depends on 
the CAM.

> My goal is to be able to watch one channel and record at least other 2 
> channels. So I'd like to buy TBS6680 dual tuner with dual CI (but I 
> would use just one CAM and the second CI slot would stay unused). I 
> would use this card together with the TerraTec Cinergy T. So there 
> would be 3 DVB-C tuners and one CAM. Would this combination work as I 
> wish?

It should. I have two TDA10023 single tuner DVB-C PCI cards and one 
TBS6285 quad tuner DVB-C PCIe card with CI attached to one of the 
TDA10023 cards. Decryption works on any card but only one channel at the 
time with my Conax CAM.

Please note that at least TBS6285 is still early development and it's 
not that reliable or error free. I have constant bit errors on one of 
the four tuners and occasional freezes that require kernel module reloading.


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