Michal Novotny writes:
 > Why must they be on the same transponder? That was my original question 
 > in this thread and the answer was different.
 > So even if I have CAM that can decrypt multiple channels, it cannot 
 > decrypt multiple channels from different tuners?

No, with most hardware this is not possible. The transport stream input of the 
CAM-Interface is usually directly connected to the output of the 
of the card it is mounted on or connected to. So, only services in this one
transport stream can be decrypted.

Only on few card models this is not the case and an arbitrary transport stream 
can be sent from the PC memory to a CAM-Interface, through the CAM-Module, and
back to the PC memory.
In this case, you can take partial transport streams from several tuners,
mux them together, send them through the CAM, decrypt them, etc.
But even for those cards VDR does not (yet fully) support this.


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