On 20.06.2014 10:10, René wrote:

On 20.06.2014 10:47 , Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

Normally VDR deletes events that have expired (i.e. where the end time
is in the past).
The Parameter "Setup/EPG/EPG linger time" can be used to specify a time
(in minutes)
for which old EPG events shall be kept in the list.

I'm looking for storing future epg-data for more than 6,5 days. With xmltv i 
can get up to one month of epg-data into vdr, but vdr is cutting this to 6,5 

You wrote "i get only epg shown up in vdr for the *last* 6,5 days".

There is no limit to future EPG events. For instance, on some channels I get
up to 4 weeks of EPG events. Maybe something goes wrong when importing data
from xmltv.


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