On 20.06.2014 18:00 , René wrote:
Sorry for messing up my message and not being clear :-) Having a 2,5
year old kid running around makes it difficult to write a message and
also understand what i'm writing ;-)

I'll check if i can find what i'm doing wrong.. The xml-file with
tv-info is from today to 5.7.2014, so the problem has to be in the

Unfortunately this plugin has a pretty unclear documentation that i
don't understand to 100%. For example, why should need to register
finnish tv-stations to the EPG-serner's list found on

Darn.. Sorry for my previous top-post :-(

The problem with not getting more future epg-data into VDR was the xmltv2vdr-plugin itself. Now i'm back again with my original approach i used for many years: the xmltv2vdr-script: xmltv2vdr.pl (ftp://ftp.tvdr.de/vdr/Tools/xmltv2vdr-1.0.9.tar.gz) and tv_grab_XX. Works like a charm without any unnessesary hassle :-) Now i have epg for more than a month in my VDR :-)


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