On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 09:07:49PM +0200, jaregu...@telefonica.net wrote:
> No, the two cables go to a diseqc, and after the cable from the diseqc go to 
> a amplifier with two outputs and each output go to a tuner. But the stb don't 
> have diseqc capabilities. I am trying to configure the diseqc in the vdr 
> part. It is posible?

Uh.. So you are doing something completely wrong here.

If you are receiving only one single satellite position (19.2E), why would you 
need to connect twin LNB to a diseqc switch anyway?

You have to connect each receiver (STB and VDR) to each output of LNB directly 
and separately, or via amplifier if you really require that. No need for diseqc 
switch there 
at all.

Or you will need two diseqc switches, not possible to share one between two 
different tuners.

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