> b)  With more recent kernels (3.4 and 3.12, I think anything higher than
> 3.0)  I'm seeing regular dmesg events like so
> usb 1-1.2: dtv_property_legacy_params_sync: doesn't know how to handle a
> DVBv3 call to delivery system 0
> I'm not sure what causes this (no other errors), but it's related to the
> older DVB-T receivers. VDR is built with the same kernel/DVB as the machine
> it runs on.  Is this just a driver issue, or is there a test VDR
> could/should do based on API to avoid making the unhandled DVBv3 call ?

I would assume this question is more appropriate for the linux-media
mailing list. Driver issues are better fixed in the driver rather than
workarounds in an app imo.


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