I'm using vdr 2.0.6 (2.0.6-6yavdr1) and softhddevice 0.6.1rc1 and I'm
noticing that for multichannel audio output on UK Freeview HD
channels (which I believe use HE-AAC) that there is no centre channel being
output through my amplifier (connected via HDMI) which is receiving only
PCM 2.0 - only left and right stereo audio is heard.

If I watch the same channel directly via my TV's Freeview HD tuner
(connected using ARC HDMI to the same amp) then I think some transcoding
occurs and Dolby Digital is shown on the amplifier and I get all channels

Multichannel audio is working fine via VDR on Freesat HD channels which
just uses standard Dolby Digital so I'm guessing its something to do with
the handling of HE-AAC multi channel sound, either in VDR or Softhddevice.

Is anyone else seeing the same problem? I recorded "Blades of Glory" the
other day on BBC Three which was broadcast in 5.1 which exhibits the


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