I have a 290e I use for DVB-T2 reception and it has worked really well for
some time now.
Shame you can't buy them anymore :-(

On 19 September 2015 at 10:21, Jari Fredriksson <ja...@iki.fi> wrote:

> On 17.9.2015 15:01, Nicolas Huillard wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> My previous mail to this ML is apparently dated 2011 ;-) Everything was
>> OK there since then... Except that my Hauppauge Nova-T-500 died
>> recently, and my ancient PCI cards do not work in the 2013 server.
>> I'm looking for advice for a new DVB-T2 device, which should :
>> * have a good tuner, because some channels (transponders, ie.
>> frequencies) are difficult to catch here ; the TV set (Panasonic) works
>> perfectly well, and I've added an RF amplifier on the roof, so I guess
>> the Nova-T-500 tuner was not good enough
>> * have a PCI or preferably PCI-e bus, and dual tuner (I don't really
>> like USB sticks, which tend to lead to a mess of cable)
>> * be robustly supported with stock kernels in Debian (jessie and
>> future), which does not seem to be a problem anymore...
>> If there are some dual-tuner, DVB-T2 + S2 card out there which are well
>> supported by VDR, that's OK too. I may prefer to add another DVB-S2 card
>> later on though (there is no sat-dish on the roof yet).
>> TIA !
> I use an USB tuner "PCTV Systems nanoStick T2 290e" from Hauppauge. It has
> a good Sony tuner, and DVB-T2 in my setup works fine even with an desktop
> antenna (the broadcast mast is in visible range though).
> Driver is in kernel, and this was the first Linux tuner for DVB-T2 and
> supported even in the older kernels. I use it in a Raspberry Pi 2 with two
> DVB-C tuners and I'm all happy.
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