Le lundi 28 septembre 2015 à 18:30 +0200, fnu a écrit : 
> ok, two points just for my couriousity.
> 1. Why don't you share channels.conf from your server as you do it with EPG 
> data?

I did, but this channel.conf is very old, and lack some channels. I
wanted to take the chance to update it. It's strange that I never
managed to have it up to date though (even with the old existing
server), so it must be me somehow...

> 2. Why don't you enable EPG scan just for a few hours for the channels scan 
> and delete epg.data afterwards again?

I'll do that ASAP...
IIRC, I may have disabled EPG scan because EPG is awful in France, and
more so on terrestrial... I have EPG downloaded from the web instead.


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