Le mardi 09 février 2016 à 11:24 +0100, tho...@reufer.ch a écrit :
> Quoting Nicolas Huillard <nico...@huillard.net>:
> > The mplayer plugin seem very old and may not work neatly with the
> > rpihddevice output.
> As I understand the mplayer plugin, it just launches an external  
> player - this won't work on the Raspberry Pi. But technically  
> speaking, it shouldn't be that hard to write a plugin which browses  
> through mkv files, reads them and passes the packets to VDR's output  
> device by implementing a dedicated player class. But that's probably  
> not the way you asked. ;-)

I wonder why this kind of plugin does not exists since all these
years... The need and skills seem to be here. Unfortunately, I won't be
able to do this.
I'll check mplayer + omxplayer though.

> > Maybe simply moving the MKV files inside the recordings tree, and
> > creating a vdr index for each work in some way.
> Personally I convert mkv files to VDR recordings. Since you don't need  
> to reencode anything this is quite fast and easy and you'll get all  
> the comfort you're used from VDR. This even works for BD rips on the  
> Raspberry, including subtitles and DTS sound tracks.

Can you please elaborate a bit on how you convert mkv to VDR ts ? I see
a 2011 thread on a related topic, but tools may have evolved since
then ;-)

Thanks for your answer !


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