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The mplayer plugin seem very old and may not work neatly with the
rpihddevice output.

As I understand the mplayer plugin, it just launches an external player - this won't work on the Raspberry Pi. But technically speaking, it shouldn't be that hard to write a plugin which browses through mkv files, reads them and passes the packets to VDR's output device by implementing a dedicated player class. But that's probably not the way you asked. ;-)

Maybe simply moving the MKV files inside the recordings tree, and
creating a vdr index for each work in some way.

Personally I convert mkv files to VDR recordings. Since you don't need to reencode anything this is quite fast and easy and you'll get all the comfort you're used from VDR. This even works for BD rips on the Raspberry, including subtitles and DTS sound tracks.


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