How long have you been running it / testing it?
Have you tested with VPS timers enabled ?


On 26/05/2016 16:36, glenvt18 wrote:
> Hi folks.
> This patch introduces a feature which allows an idle device (a device
> which is not currently recording or streaming) to enter a power-down
> mode after some period of time. Given two timeout values,
> PowerdownTimeoutM and PowerdownWakeupH, it works like this: when a
> device becomes idle, it is kept powered up for PowerdownTimeoutM minutes
> doing, for instance, an EPG scan before it is powered down. If the
> device is still idle and has been powered down for PowerdownWakeupH
> hours it is powered up for PowerdownTimeoutM minutes and so on. When
> recording, streaming or a forced EPG scan starts, the device is powered
> up and it's idle timer is disabled. This implies that PowerdownTimeoutM
> should be enough for a full round of EPG scanning (20 seconds *
> number_of_transponders). Another option is to run EPG scans from cron
> (at night) and use SVDRP SCAN command.

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