Yes, sure. The patch against VDR-2.2.0:

While testing set VDR log level to 3 (--log=3) and use this helper
script to monitor your frontends:

Don't forget to enable power saving in the Setup->LNB menu.

If you don't have sudo (you're not on Debian or Ubuntu), remove it and
run the script as root. It would be great if you could measure the
power consumption of you tuners (at least the USB one).

Sergey Chernyavskiy.

On Fri, May 27, 2016 at 09:59:06AM +0100, Richard F wrote:
> I'd like to give it a go on DVB & DVBT-2 tuners (1 PCI, 1 USB)
> Would you be kind enough to post a version for VDR2.20 or advise changes
> necessary?
> Thanks
> Richard
> On 26/05/2016 18:44, glenvt18 wrote:
> > For about a month now. Tested with 3 different DVB-S/S2 tuners with
> > VDR 2.3.1 and VDR 2.2.0 (requires minor changes to the patch) - rock
> > solid.
> > I don't have VPS, so I can't test it. The same is about DVB-T/C
> > tuners. After all, if something doesn't work this feature can be
> > disabled (and it is disabled by default),
> >
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