I took down the server at the weekend to install a newly built kernel
and insert the power monitor.

47W  - All services running at idle, tuner power saving disabled
44W - All services running at idle, tuner power saving enabled

As tuners are powered down most of the time, that's a handy 6% average

The hardware is an HP 8300CMT with high efficiency PSU, G2130 Ivy bridge
CPU and a 3 x 2T RAID + KMC4400R for CCTV video capture,  the tuners are
PCTV Nanostick 290e for HD/SD (USB2) and an old Leadtek DTV1000 T (PCI)
for SD - both of which are super-reliable BTW.

Obviously other tuners will vary, and if the PSU isn't the efficient 90%
one like this, the savings will be marginally more.


On 2/06/2016 17:15, glenvt18 wrote:
>> As the server also runs the home automation/lights/heating/security,
>> CCTV, mail server, and file storage/Owncloud ...
> That's the main purpose of this feature. You don't have to switch off
> your tuners physically, close your connections or put your server into
> sleep (and ARM devices usually don't have a sleep mode at all). You can
> stream your recordings, watch movies and do other stuff with your server
> and, at the same time, keep your tuners cold.
>> OK, I'll keep an eye on it. No adverse effects yet - good work, thanks.
> I've modified the monitor script:
> Now it prints timestamps and it's output can be searched and grep-ed.
> Run it with '|tee' for several days.
> Best,
> Sergey Chernyavskiy.

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