Stephan  - In case you didn't see the announcement on this list, the
script and utils are now out there.


On 9/06/2016 19:52, Stephan Loescher wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> Would you share your script, after finishing?
> Would be very interesting!
> Greetings,
> Stephan.

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Subject:        vdr-convert released
Date:   Sun, 4 Sep 2016 22:33:20 +0100
From:   Richard F <>
Organisation:   Keynet Technology
To:     VDR Mailing List <>

I'd like to announce the release of vdr-convert at

One of two people asked me to release it when ready, and after
converting / testing most of my 4TB archive with it, I think it's about
ready for the VDR community to use.

What is it?

A shell script with associated tools to transcode the content of VDR1.x
and VDR2.x recordings as accurately as possible, including all streams,
audio, AD, subtitles, and metadata into more compressed format, while
maintaining perceived quality. H264 and AAC are the chosen codecs for
the main streams. SD recordings are reduced to anywhere from 35% - 90%
of original size depending on content and compression settings. On
average, you can expect to save 1/3 of the disk space used for SD

The USP is that this tool may be the only tool capable of
converting/compressing old VDR1.x recordings with dvb subtitles into
VDR2 compatible .ts files playable on VDR2 and 3rd party players such as
Kodi, MPC-HC and VLC.

The script also has ongoing use to automatically compress recordings
once complete, or for automatic export, optionally by FTP (I use it this

I created a comprehensive WIKI documenting the various usage scenarios
and issues found during test.  The files are in the Git repository. For
VDR1.x conversion, a couple of tools need compiling from source.

Have fun!


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